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Fashion Revolution lecture at NTU

Today I went to a lecture at NTU called ” the role of women and girls in the fashion supply chain”. There were a few guests speakers and they introduced a documentary showing the ugly truth about what is behind a nice piece of clothing. I was so uncomfortable watching it, I caught my body being really tensed first and then wanting to move and physically react to what I was watching. I then caught all sorts of emotions through my head, I was angry first, then upset and sad, then I started crying and I also remember checking at some point where the back exit was at the university lecture theatre as I simply wanted to leg it. I felt so impacted by the documentary and in all fairness I am so glad I sticked around to use the experience as a wake up call for myself as a designer and as a consumer . I have always been a stand in any way I can for local products as for me local means that I can keep track of it and I can understand it. Today I have learnt that there is so much more that I am not aware of inside of the fashion supply chain. I will carry on spreading my intention of sourcing and producing locally whatever that takes.
So what I have learnt today is 1-keep on asking questions on where products are from and 2- make this my issue.

The role of women and girls in the fashion supply chain